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ASB Advisor:  Kelly Henry

Associated Student Body "ASB"
All Club, Activities and Sports at Issaquah High School fall under the ASB.  One of the capabilities of the Issaquah High School ASB (All Student Body) is it provides basic funding for all extra-curricular activities at Issaquah High School. ASB funding comes from the sale of student ASB cards, fundraising and donations. Grant Request can be made to the ASB for additional program needs.  All ASB funding requests (including Booster Club Requests) for IHS clubs/activities/sports go through an approval process that starts with ASB, then if needed proceeds to the Booster Club.    
ASB Activity Coordinator, Kelly Henry has an open door, always willing to discuss ASB and answer questions.  Contact Kelly if you have any of the FAQ's below.
    • Is your student is interested in starting a new club?
    • Looking for a list of all Clubs and Activities, with advisors?
    • Interest in requesting funding from ASB? 
Clubs and Activities Overview

Issaquah High School has a rich culture of student Clubs and Activities that engage a diverse mix of students in a variety of ways. These include groups based on unique student interests, recreation, art, relationships, community service, STEM, music, theater, and much more. More than 95% of Issaquah High School students feel that these groups provide chances for involvement in school activities, and most students participate in at least one group throughout their high school experience (Healthy Youth Survey, 2012).

Different from Athletics, Clubs and Activities are primarily student run and facilitated. While Activities have staff advisors who lead and support groups of student officers and other group members, most Clubs are entirely student led. Additionally, Clubs oftentimes rely on volunteer staff advisors who supervise meetings and support students in pursuing club objectives. Several Activities also have a curricular component where the group meets for a period during the school day in addition to their extracurricular meetings. Therefore, Activities often require applications, auditions, interviews, or tryouts for placement into group/team/class. Clubs, on the other hand, are open to all students.

For more information please download the "Clubs Handbook".

Booster Club support Clubs & Activities

Booster Club accepts grant requests from any Club or Activity associated with Issaquah High School students.  Please Funds Request Information, under Fundraising/Funding on the menu.  

    • Any Booster Club donor/member is welcome to make designated donations to any club, activity or sport at Issaquah High School.  Donor must be a general Booster Club Donor/Member to donate to any designated program. Membership allows Booster Club to ensure support of grant requests from any extracurricular activity at Issaquah High School.  CLICK HERE to make a Designated Donation.  

Booster supports Non-Sanctioned activities/clubs

There are no limitations in the Bylaws that prevent the Booster Club from considering grant requests, scholarships, or honoring Issaquah High School Athletes of non-sectioned sports or activities.  The following things would be taken into consideration when looking at these applicants/applications: 

    • If the team, club or activity is made entirely of full-time Issaquah High School Students.
    • If an Issaquah School District employee leads the Activity, Sport or Club, even if not being paid by the Issaquah School District for such activity.
    • If the funding requests and scholarship applications are endorsed by the lead Issaquah High School Coach or Advisor.
    • The program can show the families are current donors and support Issaquah High School Booster Club. A request of percentage of the program that are members may be requested.  The donor list is found on the Booster website.