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The Booster Club is a 501c3 non-profit, fundraising organization that exists to support and enrich the extra-curricular high school experience for our kids while they attend Issaquah High School.  Parents, alumni, and the community are encouraged to join the Booster Club, donate, and volunteer.  All membership and pass the hat donations are 100% tax-deductible.  

 To promote and support ALL TEAMS, ALL CLUBS, ALL ACTIVITIES outside the classroom at IHS.
•  To promote a positive image of all Issaquah High School sports, clubs and activities 
•  To promote and celebrate students' extra-curricular achievements through enews, signage and social media. 
•  To reduce barriers and provide financial support to sports, clubs and activities at IHS.
All extra-curricular fundraising groups (including • Football Boosters) fall under the IHS Booster Club.
•  To biuld Membership in order to support Booster Grants, Scholarships, and much more!
•  To provides a safe support structure for dedicated fundraising.

Impact Statement

Extra-curricular activities are the heart and passion of many students at Issaquah High School.  All students and families want their programs to be properly funded, encouraged and recognized by their Issaquah community. 

The school district provides very basic extra-curricular funding for advisors, coaching, minimal consumables, triannual uniforms, and transportation.  All additional program needs depend on fundraising. 

Funds raised through Membership, Logowear and Concessions, the Booster Club is able to provide fundraising support, scholarships, structure, training, and insurance to Issaquah High School extra-curricular activities.

The Booster club is uniquely positioned to be informed of individual and group achievements in the over 40 extra-curricular programs that serve nearly 2400 students at Issaquah High. 

Provides financial support to programs and students.
         awarded grants, participation fee scholarships, Senior Scholarships
Gives pride, value and Eagle spirit by recognizing our students’ outstanding accomplishments.  
         Personalized  Another Eagle is Going to State yard signs, social media, weekly E-News Buzz, Scholar-Athlete awards, website. 
Protects program coaches, advisors and parent volunteers
         In partnership with ASB, guidelines and processes, volunteer training, fundraising platforms, dedicated accounts, insurance, permits

Why join Boosters?  This is you ALL SCHOOL BOOSTER CLUB  

This is the ONLY Issaquah High School non-profit that supports extra-curricular activities for our students.

The Booster Club is a 501c3 non-profit, fundraising organization that exists to support and enrich the extra-curricular high school experience for our children while they attend Issaquah High School.  The ways in which we accomplish this task, are many. Boosters allow for parents and community the opportunity to engage with, support and fundraise on behalf of Issaquah High’s 94 school clubs and teams. Boosters also recognizes student accomplishments through its weekly newsletter, personalized yard signage for State competitions, scholar-athlete awards, as well as awards scholarships to graduating seniors each year who personify our mission to strengthen the Issaquah High School community, as well as the Issaquah community-at-large.

You are valuable!  Join, volunteer, donate, spread the word of the impact on the Booster Club.  Help us to accomplish our main goal-to positively affect each student’s experience at Issaquah High School. 

Membership donations are 100% tax-deductible.

BoosterBuzz is a weekly Enewsletter that goes to all donors.  Donate today and stay informed!  Members, DID YOU GET last week's BUZZ?  If not, contact 


Booster Club is governed by it's By-Laws