We need YOU! YES -YOU! 

A couple of years ago, the Booster Club partnered with ASB to manage the concession stand and provide concessions at some home varsity games and meets.  The objective is to raise funds for the Booster Club and ASB, provide fundraising opportunities for extra-curricular clubs and teams, and foster school spirit by selling concessions to spectators at events.  In order to continue to keep having concessions, we need parent volunteers to help with the management of the stand.  We are very appreciative of our awesome team of concession managers but could always use more help!  Please reach out if you would like more info.  Thank you for your interest! Contact

We have a great team of parent volunteers working to manage concessions at major varsity home games and other big events. If you would like to get more information or what to get involved, email:


Based on feedback from our core volunteers, we are implementing a new structure for the 2022/23 school year! 

  • Volunteers are Adults only
  • Volunteers will each 'earn' $20 per hour towards the IHS program they are supporting
  • Dollars earned will be paid out each respective program's designated account managed by Boosters
  • Programs will receive payouts on a quarterly basis
  • Programs can staff an entire event or part of one, signups done a first come/first served basis

SIGN UP HERE: Concession Sign Up -Spring sports



The Booster Club welcomes parent volunteers!  Join the fun and active Management Concessions committee today.  Each sport and club who provides ADULT volunteers to work in Concessions for an event will earn at least $20 per hour for their program.  

Concessions "On Call" Volunteers NEEDED: Volunteers who are willing to be on an “on-call” list to work in the concession stand if other groups haven’t signed up.  Right now we are planning to schedule 3 people in the stand for most events (other than football and quad basketball games).  That might change once we get going, but for now, you can grab a couple of friends and work for a few hours at an athletic event to benefit Boosters and the program of your choice.

Concessions Booster Club Representatives (5) NEEDED:   This volunteer will meet a volunteer group when they arrive at an event - unlock the doors, hand off paperwork and instructions, and answer questions.   




We want to share with you the tremendous success of our inaugural season of Booster Concessions.  With your help, we sold concessions at all varsity events in the gym and stadium Fall 2020, demonstrating our collective commitment to, and support of, all student-athletes.  Revenue this fall far surpassed our goals, and we could not be more pleased with the engagement and support of our IHS community. We are proud to have provided a fundraising and community service opportunity for class councils, teams, and clubs. 

We are excited to report that the volunteer pool for 2019-2020 was $10,542, to be split among the 24 groups that volunteered. AND that was without Spring Sports!   $2000 also went back directly to ASB as the Booster Club partner.  
As a reminder, we allocate funds pro-rata based on volunteer hours, not cash receipts during a volunteer shift. So, a 12 person shift covering 5 hours (60 volunteer hours) will receive 5 times as many funds as a 3 person shift of 4 hours (12 volunteer hours). We do cap the number of volunteers for this calculation.
We’ve transferred the following amounts to the corresponding ASB accounts:
$321.85 - Band
$234.84 - Baseball
$801.83 - Basketball (Boys)
$594.84 - Basketball (Girls)
$660.22 - Cheer
$562.39 - Class of 2020
$454.24 - Class of 2021
$915.69 - Class of 2022
$793.12 - Class of 2023
$194.67 - Dance
$641.68 - DECA
$367.72 - FCCLA
$919.28 - Football
  $93.73 - Forensics
$200.84 - Key Club
$194.67 - Golf (Boys)
$908.45 - Robotics
$504.67 - Soccer (Boys)
$144.20 - Soccer (Girls)
$173.04 - Softball
$72.10  -  Swim (Boys)
$332.15 - Tennis (Boys)
$281.18 - Volleyball
$185.39 - Wrestling
We are thrilled by the response we’ve received from athletes who appreciate us supporting their events, spectators who attend and appreciate the convenience of our food and beverage options, and volunteers who are having fun selling concessions. 

Collectively, we are enhancing school spirit, building community, and raising funds to benefit our students!  Thank you for your continued support and participation!