Issaquah Boosters, in partnership with Tutta Bella restaurant, is dedicated to recognizing and supporting local high school students in our community.  Each quarter we recognize outstanding student athletes and their achievements. These student athletes are nominated by their coaches, using the following criteria:

  • Student must be a senior and have a solid academic record (minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA)
  • Student shows leadership and demonstrates good sportsmanship
  • Student is involved in the IHS Community in addition to their sport

    To see details/photos of our Recent Winners, Click Here! 


Booster Club & Tutta Bella Scholar Athletes 

2018-2019 School Winners         Click Here for Pictures/Write-ups
 Allen Aby Fall 2018, Boys' Cross-country
 Katie Riley Fall 2018, Girls' Cross Country
 Ryan Barrett Fall 2018, Boys Golf
Jack Porter  Fall 2018, Football
Alyssa Helgesen  Fall 2018, Girls' Swim & Dive
Claire Hyun Fall 2018, Volleyball
Richard Jia Fall 2018, Boys' Tennis
Katie Sanders Fall 2018, Girls Soccer
Luci Stewart Winter, 2019, Girls' Basketball
Caulain Saper Winter 2019, Wrestling
Jasmine Maynard Winter 2019, Gymnastics
James Adkins Winter 2019, Boys' Swim & Dive
Brian Yoon Winter 2019, Boys;' Basketball
Nick Germino Spring 2019, Boys Track
Dawson Oen Spring 2019, Boys' Soccer
Spencer Berntsen Spring 2019, Boys' Lacrosse
Sayaka Kenmochi Spring 2019, Girls Tennis
Michael Wimmer Spring 2019, Baseball
McKenna Malone Spring 2019, Softball
 2017-2018 School Winners         Click Here for Pictures/Write-ups
Joey Jensen Winter 2018, Boys Basketball
Brandon Leu Winter 2018, Boys Swim & Dive
Claudia Longo Fall 2017, Girls Soccer
Glen Findlay Fall 2017, Football
Cole Chase Fall 2017, Boys Golf
Kenna Clawson Fall 2017, Girls Cross Country
Kate Tuohy  Fall 2017, Girls Swim
Colleen Ball Spring 2018, Girls Tennis
Justin Buckner Spring 2018, Baseball
Mackenzie Crandall Spring 2018, Girls Track
Caiden Duke 2017-2018, Special Olympics
Kendall Gentzen 2018 Spring,  Fastpitch
Cade McDougall  2017-2018, Special Olympics
Meg Raman Spring 2018, Girls Golf
Nick Rodgers Spring 2018, Boys Track
 2016-2017 School Winners   "write-ups"
Spencer Young Spring 2017, Boys Track
Greg Shipley Spring 2017, Boys Lacrosse
Rachel Panah Spring 2017, Girls Tennis
Amanda Hardy Spring 2017, Girls Golf
Sienna Otley Spring 2017, Fastpitch
Corey Chaplin Spring 2017, Baseball
Dean Peterson Winter 2016-17, Wrestling
Halle Wolgamott Winter 2016-17, Gymnastics
Max Eastern Winter 2016-17, Boys Basketball
Trey Gevers Winter 2016-17, Swim & Dive
William Miller Winter 2016-17, Special Olympics Basketball
Kunal Sikka Fall 2016, Golf
Brandon Fetsch Fall 2016, Cross Country
Abigail Paxton Fall 2016, Swim
Sarah Baker Fall 2016, Volleyball
 2015-2016 School Year Winners
Donovan Adams Spring 2016, Special Olympics: Bowling, Baseball and Track
Erika Lee Spring 2016, Cheer
Sophie Cohen Spring 2016, Cheer
Gregory Ketron Spring 2016, Baseball 
Bridgette Robertson Spring 2016, Track
Elliot Tan Spring 2016, Track
Emily Chun Spring 2016, Golf
Tatum Dow Spring 2016, Fastpitch and Basketball 
Jacob Brueckman Fall 2015, Cross Country
Pranav Shah Fall 2015, Golf
Rachel Herbst Fall 2015, Swim & Dive
Alex Sun  Winter 2015-16, Boys Swim & Dive 
Dane Mui  Winter 2015-16, Boys Basketball 
Kacie Moorehouse  Winter 2015-16, Girls Wrestling
Lauren Longo  Winter 2015-16, Girls Basketball
Michaela Knollman Winter 2015-16, Gymnastics
 2014-2015 School Year Winners
Vanessa Fisher 2015, Dance Team
Sophie Foreman 2015, Girls Basketball
Jordan Munday Garris 2015, Gymnastics
Ty Gibson 2015, Boys Basketball 
Morgan Wilson 2015, Boys Swim/Dive
Michelle Fowler 2015, Softball
Luke Watanabe 2015, Baseball
Lucy Huffman 2015, Girls Tennis
Larissa Kolansinski 2015, Girls Track & Cross Country
 2013-2014 School Year Winners
Sarah Baker 2014, Volleyball
Ellie Clawson 2014, Cross Country
Gunnar Conley 2014, Football
Ella McMahan 2014 Girls Swim/Dive
Samuel Reardon 2014, Boys Swim/Dive
Mackenzie Wieburg 2014, Track
Jeff Shipley 2014, Soccer
Derek Chapman 2014, Baseball
Bailey Englin 2014, Softball
Katherine Chun 2014, Golf
Halle Gordon 2014, Tennis
Josh Bean 2014, Swim and Dive
Mandi Hill 2014, Basketball
Brian Watson 2014, Basketball
Rebecca Chinn 2014, Gymnastics
Louden Ivey 2014, Wrestling
Courtney Vu 2014, Dance
Caleb Walin  2013, Cross Country
Nicole Ratcliffe  2013, Volleyball
Nathan Lee  2013, Tennis
Gabrielle Gevers  2013, Swim and Dive
Justin Vernia  2013, Baseball
Samantha Garrard  2013, Tennis
 Austin Melody  2013, Swim and Dive 
 Ashley Hoffman  2013, Gymnastics
 Katrina Clements  2013, Girls Basketball
Hunter Sapienza  2012, Cross Country
Tyler Sheehan  2012, Football
Weston Mui   2012, Golf 
Brielle Bray  2012, Fast Pitch Softball
Drew Tacher  2012, Soccer
Eva Perry  2012, Track and Field
Christina Kwon   2012, Swim and Dive
Brian Ruggles  2012, Swim and Dive
Fletcher Martin  2012, Boys Basketball
Anna Fairhart  2012, Gymnastics
Haley Jacobson 2011, Track and Field
Blaire Brady 2011, Basketball
Derek Quan 2011, Basketball
Kayla Foremski 2011, Swim and Dive
Sarah Hanna 2010, Volleyball
Marit Borth 2010, Swim and Dive
Spencer Rogers 2010, Baseball
Bobby Johnson 2010, Swim and Dive
Jordan Tanner 2010, Wrestling
Kristen Maris 2009, Soccer
Kevin LeMond 2009, Cross Country
Helen Liu 2009, Swim and Dive
Ariel Hagan 2009, Tennis
Kyle Hansen 2009, Track and Field
Erin Nicol 2009, Basketball
Ashley Lester 2009, Gymnastics


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