Another Eagle is Going to State  


One of the missions of the Booster Club is student recognition and celebration!   

As of January 20th, 2024 the Booster Club has already distributed 96 "Another Eagle Goes to State" signs to Issaquah students who have qualified for their sport. Congratulations Eagles - Good Luck at STATE!


"Another Eagle Goes to State" signs are the personalized congratulations and good luck signs supplied but the Booster Club, placed in the yards of Issaquah students who qualified for State competition.  In the 2021/22 school year we distributed 353 "Another Eagle Goes to State" signs to students!

How it works:  The Booster Club relies on its Booster Parent Rep to notify the Booster Club when their team/group qualifies for State Competitions.  With information from the Booster Parent Rep for that team, the Booster Club supplies customized signs for each student.

Did your activity qualify for State?  Notify the Booster Club as soon as possible with the following state competition information:
  • Start date of the State competition 
  • Complete list names of the students that qualified for State.  **Due to HOA regulations, please note if the student lives in the Issaquah Highlands 

Once our student recognition chair has all the information needed, she will personalize signs and arrange delivery of the stack of signs and stakes to the lead parent for the sport/club.  That parent lead then recruits help from other parents in their sport/club to help distribute signs to the student's yard.  


Keri Kiefer - "Another Eagle Goes to State" chair