The Booster Club supports the fundraising efforts of every extra-curricular program at Issaquah High School. The fundraising campaigns below are approved by the Booster Club as dedicated fundraisers for that specific program, during a specified window of time.  

All credit card & transaction fees are the responsibility of the payer or program. Fundraisers run through the Booster club that are run through Cheddar Up add the credit card & transaction fees to the customer's amount unless otherwise noted.

Track & Field Pass the Hat                Track & Field Pass the Hat

Boys Soccer Pass the Hat                  Boys Soccer Pass the Hat   

Boys Baseball Pass the Hat               Boys Baseball Pass the Hat       

Theater program & Drama Club        Theater & Drama Club Pass the Hat

Girls Golf Pass the Hat                       Girls Golf Pass the Hat

*Please note that the IHS Booster club is 501(C)3. Donations to Pass the Hats and other fundraisers made through the Booster Club that do not include an exchange of goods or services, are tax deductible.