AKA Booster Parent Reps 

The Booster Club establishes Advisory Committees, led by an Advisory Committee Chair (ACC) for any club/sport/activity at Issaquah High School that does fundraising or collects funds for a specific club/sport/activity.  The ACC's can also be referred to as Booster Parent Reps.

The Advisory Committee structure was introduced to the Booster Club framework in May 2017.  During the Fall of 2016, the Booster Club engaged Perkins Coie, on a pro bono basis, to provide advice regarding corporate governance matters.  As part of that review, Perkins Coie recommended that Boosters strengthen the Board’s internal controls with respect to club and sport-specific fundraising efforts. They also recommended a complete revision of the Bylaws to cleanly reflect current standards and the numerous Amendments since the Booster Club was established in 1995. 

In consultation with legal counsel, the Board established new Advisory Committees to support specific teams, along with guidelines and expectations for those committees.  With the Issaquah High School, Athletic Director's support, the Booster Club is now positioned to provide an official framework to support club and sport-specific fundraising efforts. 


Advisory Committee members and chairs are appointed by the Board.  Approved Advisory Committees are then permitted to engage in Booster-related fundraising efforts on behalf of its sport/club/activity.  Funds raised by Advisory Committees will be earmarked as “restricted funds” and held by the Booster Club for the benefit of the team.  

Advisory Committees also advise the program's coach/advisor about other Booster-related benefits, such as grants, scholarships, and awards.  

Each Advisory Committee will be established for an annual term, with the start and end date determined by the Board.  Advisory Committee Chairs and Committee are reviewed annually and may be removed at any time for not meeting the criteria.

Guidelines have been put in place to set clear expectations for Advisory Committees while providing each committee flexibility to meet the needs of its specific sport/club/activity.  


2022/23 Booster Parent Rep list: 


Mary Chollman



Erica Stephens


Baseball JV Chip Lydum


Baseball C


Boys Basketball Varsity

Martha Roorda


Boys Basketball JV

Gordon Chan


Boys Basketball C

Bill Kong


Boys Golf

Laura Yellig


Boys Soccer Emily Friedl


Boys Soccer

Molly Dorr


Boys Soccer JV

Andrea Moretsky


Boys Soccer C


Boys Swim & Dive

Rachel Auffant


Boys Tennis

Junko Sarausad



Keri Kiefer



Kari Mattson




Cross Country

Mary Chollman


Dance Team

Maya Colchamiro


Dance Team

Melanie Krieger



Suresh Kumar



Sarah Orton (advisor)



Ryan Hess


Football - JV

Bryan Vaughn


Football - Frosh

Kristy Chalfant


Girls Basketball

Amy Gibbons


Girls Basketball

Laura Cameron


Girls Golf

David Roll


Girls Lacrosse

Stephanie Ryan


Girls Soccer

Heidi Kirchoff


Girls Swim & Dive

Amy Cancelosi


Girls Tennis

Paul Cho



Katie Brown


Ivision Buddy Bland (advisor)


Key Club

Allyson Espinosa


Boys Lacrosse

Val Korock


National Honor Society





Ashley Johnson


Girls Softball

Beth Bendlin


Girls Softball JV

Kari Mattson


Sports Med Club




Track and Field

Susan Roberts



Suzanne Miller



Matt Bacon



Contact Booster Club President, Diana Goldberg if:  

  • You would like to be considered to be a member or chair of an Advisory Committee
  • You can recommend another parent to be an Advisory Committee/Parent Rep member or chair. 
  • Have questions about the Advisory Committees