Below please find everything you should need to do dedicated fundraising, request for funds, reimbursements, budget updates, invoice payments, etc. All contracts must be signed by the Booster President.   

  • Advisory Committee Chair and Committee Roles, Expectations Operational Guidelines  Everything you need to know about Advisory Committee Chair and Committee roles.  
  • Advisory Committee Chair Application   Only need if more than one person interested in being the Advisory Committee Chair.  Co-Chairs are permitted.
  • Designated Account Budget Worksheet   Budgets are required for all programs that have designated accounts under the Booster Club.  Budgets for the upcoming year are due April 1st. 
  • Advisory Committee Fundraising Request adding and/or revisions to the program's budget.  Budgets are due annually, in March for the following year.   
  • Advisory Committees Fundraising Guidelines   Booster guidelines when putting a fundraiser together.
  • Designated Funds ~ Reimbursement Request: With the approval of Advisory Committee Chair (or Program head if not Advisory Committee Chair), requesting reimbursement from a Booster Club Designated Account (i.e. Basketball, Soccer, Basketball, Football, etc).  Process:  Check "Designated Account" and note the program.  Email Completed form, include invoice/recipes to the Booster Club Treasurer.  Both the coach (or advisor) and that program's Advisory Committee Chair must be included in the email.  
  • Designated Funds ~ Invoice Payment Request:  Program with a Designated Account, requesting Boosters to pay an invoice.  Process:  Email Completed form, include invoice to the Booster Club Treasurer.  Both the coach (or advisor) and that program's Advisory Committee Chair must be included in the email.  
  • Booster to ASB Transfer Request:  By completing the enclosed form, Designated funds can be transferred from a Designated Booster Account to a designated ASB account at any time.
  • Booster Club Facilities Request Process:  Any IHS Program under ASB, that has reserved funds in their Booster Account, may use the Booster Club to reserve ISD Facilities.  The costs of the reservation are the responsibility of the program.
  • Counting & Deposit Form

  • Scholar-Athlete Nomination Form The Tutta Bella Scholar-Athlete Awards are given out at the end of each season (Fall, Winter, Spring) to one outstanding athlete in each sport who embodies leadership and success both athletically and academically. At the end of each sports season, the Booster Club asked the coaches nominating worthy candidates. From these nominations, the Booster Board selects and honors one student each of the season sports. The following criteria are considered in the award selection: Student is a senior, shows leadership to the team, demonstrates good sportsmanship, is in strong academic standing (minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA), and the student is involved in the IHS Community in addition to their sport.
  • List of  Advisory Committee Chair (ACCs) and Booster Crew for every sport and club.  
  • Designated Donations Link      

General Grant Request to Booster Club


More forms, FAQ's and Booster Documents can be found under Forms & Documents.  

Questions?  Contact Booster Exec VP and ACC Lead, Casey Stenzel