IHS Booster Club Senior Scholarships 


Every Spring scholarships valued at $1,000 or greater are awarded to selected IHS graduating seniors.  Scholarships are applied towards college school tuition, fees, and costs.  Scholarships must be used during the school year following high school graduation. All scholarships are announced at the end of May.   2018 Scholarship Flyer


Submission Deadline:  Friday, April 20, 2018


A candidate must meet each of the following conditions: 

  • Be a senior at Issaquah High School.
  • Plan to attend any accredited 2 or 4 year university, college, community college, or vocational/technical institute beginning in the fall of the student’s graduating year.
  • Participate in an IHS Booster Club affiliated co-curricular activity*.
  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA

Criteria for Selection 

In awarding scholarships the Issaquah High School Booster Club shall evaluate the candidates based on the following criteria: 

    • Character, integrity, and personal qualities
    • Embody a well-balanced high school experience
    • Meaningful participation in an activity outside of school (work, community service, volunteer, etc.)

*Booster support for Non-Sanctioned sports and activities

There are no limitations in the Bylaws that prevent the Booster Club from considering grant requests, scholarships, or honoring Issaquah High School Athletes of non-sectioned sports or activities.  The following things would be taken into consideration when looking at these applicants/applications: 

  • If the team, club or activity is made entirely of full-time Issaquah High School Students.
  • If an Issaquah School District employee leads the Activity, Sport or Club, even if not being paid by the Issaquah School District for such activity.
  • If the funding requests and scholarship applications are endorsed by the lead Issaquah High School Coach or Advisor.
  • The program can show the families are current donors and support Issaquah High School Booster Club. A request of percentage of the program that are members may be requested.  The donor list is found on the Booster website.    




2017 Senior Scholarship Recipients


Congratulations to the four seniors chosen as the 2017 Issaquah High School Booster Club scholarship recipients. Each of these amazing students exemplifies the IHS Booster Club values as demonstrated by their character, integrity,and contributions while at Issaquah High. Thank you for being such remarkable influences while at Issaquah High School!

Cameron Dane Oen - Gonzaga University 
Samantha Sato - University of Washington 
Isabel Rose Ringo - University of San Francisco 
Addie Mejia - Missouri Valley College


Cameron Dane Oen


Samantha Sato


Isabel Rose Ringo


Addie Mejia


Prior Scholarship Recipients:


Rachel Benoliel
Dane Mui
Christina Paoletti
Amy Behar
Olga Andreeva



Bryan Hanner
Michelle Fowler
Coleen Young
Edward Park
Anne Robertson

Halle Gordon
Katherine Chun
Rebecca Chin
Amanda Levenson


Sara Wedekind - Seattle University
Troy Potensky - Bellevue College
Alex Hansen - University of Chicago
Weston Mui - University of Southern California

Nick Ryder - Tufts University
Anna Fairhart - Marquette University
Nicole Migotsky - Washington University St. Louis
Ben Rosellini - Stanford University
Riley Foreman - Whitman College
Matt Sekijima - University of Washington

Sara Brumley - University of Washington
Conner Young - University of Washington

Elyse Edward - Johns Hopkins University
Taryn Ohashi - Scripps College

Gillian Pennington - University of Washington
Nicholas Roselini - Stanford University

Casi Schwisow - Wellesley College
Lindsay Cowgill - University of Washington
Aubrey Jensen - Brigham Young University

Lauren Goodman - Georgetown University
Nathan Saad - Gonzaga University
Jordan Taylor Jackson - Arizona State University
Alice Pumpian - University of Washington