Earn money for your sport, club or activity!

The Booster Club is now collaborating with ASB to offer concessions at most varsity games and meets in the stadium and gym.  The objective is to raise funds for the Booster Club and ASB, provide fundraising opportunities for extra-curricular clubs and teams, and foster school spirit by selling concessions to spectators at events.  We appreciate your support!


With the Boosters - ASB partnership, ASB is providing the Booster Club with the use of the Outdoor and Indoor Concession Stands and will maintain the equipment in the Concession Stands.  The Booster Club will manage the Concession Stands, including purchasing inventory and supplies, scheduling events when the Concession Stand will be open, and coordinating with the volunteer groups selling concessions.  


The Booster Club is relying on Class Councils, Teams and Clubs to staff the Concession Stand for specific Events.  These groups will share in the profits of the Concession Stand so this is a fundraising opportunity for your student group! 

For the 2019-2020 school year, after the conclusion of each athletic season, profits from the Concession Stand during that season will be distributed: 

• 10% to ASB
• 35% to the Booster Club
• 55% to the Class Councils, Teams, and Clubs that volunteered to run the Concession Stand!

The Booster Club is asking each Team or Club that received Booster Club grants during the 2018-2019 school year or plans to request a grant during the 2019-2020 school year to staff the Concession Stand for at least two events.  This will allow those groups to be able to take advantage of this new fundraising opportunity, and in turn, support the Booster Club. Teams and Clubs are encouraged to sign up for more than two events, but we initially want to get grant recipients on the calendar for their first two events.  

The plan it to get all grant recipients on the calendar for 2 events first, and then give other groups opportunities to sign up as well. If two groups request the same initial two events, we may consider the percentage of that group's Booster Club members in assigning events.  

Given the amount of interest for the 2019-2020 Fall & Winter seasons, it is unlikely that any group will be scheduled for more than 2 events per season.  


The Booster Club welcomes parent volunteers!  Join the fun and active Management Concessions committee today.  Each sport and club also needs a parents volunteer to rally their club, sport or activity to work the booth and make $$$ for their activity.  

Concessions Chair:  Danielle Githens

Concessions Treasurers (2) :  Gia Pak [one more needed!]

Concessions Inventory Support (2):  Anissa Pascale, Whitney Garner

Concessions Volunteer Coordinator:  Carmela Gellos 

Concessions "On Call" Volunteers NEEDED: Volunteers who are willing to be on an “on-call” list to work in the concession stand if other groups haven’t signed up.  Right now we are planning to schedule 3 people in the stand for most events (other than football and quad basketball games).  That might change once we get going, but for now, you can grab a couple of friends and work for a few hours at an athletic event to benefit Boosters (or your child’s clubs/teams).  

Concessions Booster Club Representatives (5) NEEDED:   This volunteer will meets a volunteer group when they arrive to an event - unlock the doors, hand off paperwork and instructions, and answer questions.  Ideally, these volunteers would return to the concession stand at the end of the night to make sure everything is locked up and text images of that night's paperwork to the Concessions Chair.  

Lida Buckner


Before your event, please review the Volunteer Guidelines so you understand the Booster Club’s expectations.

Each volunteer should have a primary responsibility. For most events, 3 volunteers will be sufficient - a Cashier, a volunteer in charge of Food Prep, and another in charge of Inventory.  Each will be responsible for their own tasks for set-up, sales, and closing.    

If you'd like a high-level overview of what tasks need to be completed to set-up and close the Concession Stand, it may be helpful to review the Checklist for opening and closing.  Because we assume that every volunteer group is a first time crew in the Concession Stand, we have provided instructions that go into much more detail for Cashier, Food Prep, and Inventory  and can be found in the Concession Stand for your reference, as are specific instructions for operating the Square Terminal and cooking  Hot Dogs and Popcorn.  

For large events, such as Friday Night Football games and Quad Basketball Games, you will
need an additional 2-3 Cashiers and 2-4 Runners.  Some games will also need to be staffed with a Pizza Server and dedicated Hot Drink Server server.   Some flexibility will be needed depending on crowds and weather.  Reach out to if you have any questions about the number or type of volunteers you should have.  

Use a Volunteer Log and Event Summary to record Event-Specific Information - volunteer sign-in,items to note, low inventory, discarded inventory, etc.  Use a Cash Box/Change Reconciliation Form for each Cashier.  If you have technical issues and are unable to use the Square terminals, please record sales using a Cash Sales/Inventory Tracking Form.  These forms will all be located in the Concession Stand for your Event.

For more information or to sign-up, contact Chair, Danielle Githens,