Issaquah High School Booster Board

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Advisory Committee Chairs

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2017-2018 Board of Directors                
 Officer:  President  Lida Buckner*  President email
 Officer:  Executive Vice President (Advisor Committee support) Casey Stenzel  (slated, Member vote Oct 10)
 Officer:  Vice-President Fundraising (Logo Wear)  Amy Morse*
 Officer:  Treasurer Anissa Pascale* Treasurer email
 Officer:  Co-Treasurer Dawn Farmer* Treasurer email
 Officer:  Secretary Kari Alexander*
 Officer:  Co-VP of Membership (& Booster Crew Support) Suzie Potter*
 Officer:  Co-VP of Membership (& Booster Crew Support) Tammy Antezana
 Logo wear  (Superior Seconds)

 Amy Morse and Amanda Owens

(& Julie Moseley ~ Superior Seconds liaison)

 Marketing Chair (Website, Enews, Other) Jennifer Shields
 Communications Chair (BoosterBuzz / Booster Crew) Kari Alexander
 Scholar Athlete Award & Scholarships Chair       Susan Zantello
 Social Media Chair  (Facebook) Kim Putney
 Another Eagle Goes to State Chair Carmella Gellos
Football Advisory Committee Chair (Nov-Nov) Scott Potter
Boys Basketball Advisor Committee Chair (Feb-Feb) Dawn Farmer
Girls Basketball Advisor Committee Chair (Feb-Feb)  Tom Van Halm
Girls Soccer    Tom Van Halm
Baseball Advisor Committee Chair (May-May) Lida Buckner
Cross Country & Track  Lisa Clawson
Softball Eric Malone
Issaquah High Athletic Director (AD) Luke Ande
Issaquah High ASB Advisor Erin Connolly
  • The Board of Directors are voted in by the Members during the Annual Meeting in May.  Officer positions on voted in by the Board.
  • Advisory Board members are appointed by the Board.
  • Advisory Committee Chairs are appointed by the Board. 



Mailing Address:   PO Box 2542,  Issaquah, WA 98027

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