May 2017

The Advisory Committee structure was introduced to the Booster Club framework in May 2017.  During the Fall of 2016, the Booster Club engaged Perkins Coie, on a pro bono basis, to provide advice regarding corporate governance matters.  As part of that review, Perkins Coie recommended that Boosters strengthen the Board’s internal controls with respect to sport-specific fundraising efforts. They also recommended a complete revision of the Bylaws to cleanly reflect current standards and the numerous Amendments since the Booster Club was established in 1995. 

In consultation with legal counsel, the Board established new Advisory Committees to support specific teams, along with guidelines and expectations for those committees.  With the Issaquah High School, Athletic Director's support, the Booster Club is now positioned to provide an official framework to support sport-specific fundraising efforts. 

Advisory Committee members and chairs are appointed by the Board.  Approved Advisory Committees will be permitted to engage in Booster-related fundraising efforts on behalf of its sport.  Funds raised by Advisory Committees will be earmarked as “restricted funds” and held by the Booster Club for the benefit of the team.  The Advisory Committee will make recommendations to the Board with respect to expenditures of such restricted funds. 

Guidelines have been put in place to set clear expectations for Advisory Committees, while providing each committee flexibility to meet the needs of its specific sport.   

As of May 2017, the Advisory Committees being established will be for those that carry balances within the Booster Club: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Softball, and Track & Field/Cross Country.

Please contact Booster Club President if (a) you would like to be considered to be a member or chair of a new sport-specific Advisory Committee, or (b) you can recommend another parent to be an Advisory Committee member or chair. © have questions about the Advisory Committees.

Advisory Committee Members

Sport Chair Committee Members (at least 2) Annual Term
Baseball  Lida Buckner   May-May
Girls Basketball  Tom Van Halm   March-March
Boys Basketball  Dawn Farmer   March-March
Football  Scott Potter   Nov-Nov
Girls Soccer   Tom Van Halm   Nov-Nov
Boys Soccer     May-May
Softball  Eric Malone   May-May
Track & Field  Lisa Clawson   May-May
Cross Country  Lisa Clawson   Nov-Nov


Volunteers / Advisory Committee Chairs (designated accounts)

Designated Funds Reimbursement Request: With approval of Advisory Committee Chair (or Program head if not Advisory Committee Chair), requesting reimbursement from a Booster Club Designated Account (i.e. Basketball, Soccer, Basketball, Football, etc).  

Designated Funds Invoice Payment Request:  Program with a Designated Account, requesting Boosters to pay an invoice. 

Program Invoice:  Used to request funds for program staff and program costs for pre-approved Booster Club Programs, out of a Designated Account (i.e. Basketball Youth Training).  

Counting & Deposit Form