2019-2020  MEMBERS

Booster Membership donations go to fund Grants, Senior Scholarships, Sports Fee Scholarships and much  more! Check out the Items Funded in the last 24 months to see how Booster dollars make an impact.  

All Memberships and applicable donations are 100% tax deductible.   Double your donation with Corporate Matching!   

Thank you for donating to the Issaquah High School Booster Club!  Booster Membership donations do not include additional donations made to a designated activity.  

Updated: July 5, 2019 at 1pm

Questions? Contact Membership Chairs; Millie Crithfield and Satnam Purewal at


Lifetime Membership  $500+


Lifetime Membership for $500. Perfect for families wanting to support the Booster Club in a larger way and would prefer to only donate once during the duration of their kids high school experience. Lifetime Members will be recognized on the website in perpetuity and receive a special Issaquah High School “I” decal every year they have a student attending Issaquah High School.  Each year Lifetime Members must to Opt-In to electronic communication and membership voting privileges.  

Lifetime Donors  $500+                       

Carley Alexander David Alexander
Lida Buckner Kyle Buckner
Leah Cho Paul Cho
Kim Clayton Charles Clayton
Adam Collins Sheri Collins
Karen Crowe Don Crowe
Jill Dixon
Krista Ferguson James Ferguson
Heidi Fuhs Martin Fuhs
Chris Gellos Carmella Gellos
Sheri Halling David Halling
James Hawk  
John Hillock Peggy Hillock
Gary Jensen Denise Jensen
Melissa Johnsrud Chad Johnsrud
Sujin Kang Moonhyun Jung
Stacey Kim Stephen Kim
Patty Mayes  
Michelle Panjwani Prakash Panjwani
Jameson Pastor Sun Pastor
Meri Patton Bob Patton
Eric Slippern Sally Slippern
Tim Smith Clare Smith
Christopher Suh Young Suh
Natalia Tishkevich Oleg Tishkevich
Jenell Tamaela Rob Tamaela
Nathan Thomas Wendy Thomas
Micah Tryon Greg Tryon
Jennifer Tucker Scot Tucker
Tom Van Halm Margo Van Halm
Wenzheng Wang Wen Huang
Greg Watts Melissa Watts
Keith White
Hardy Widjaja Henny Widjaja

ANGEL Donors       $100-$499


Issy Pride Donors - $51-$99

Tracie Jones Brad Jones

Eagle Donors - $1-$50