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The Booster Club's mission is to promote and offer support to extra-curricular programs at Issaquah High School.  

Booster Club membership dues and donations provide funds for grants, scholarships, and student recognition events and awards.  Boosters can only help if asked!  Boosters encourage any extra-curricular (sanctioned and non-sanctioned sports and clubs) activity that has funding needs to submit grant requests. All Grant Requests start with ASB.  


Grants are reviewed at monthly Booster Club meetings August - May.  Please see below for guidelines.  


Grant Request from General Boosters

Expectations: Grantees are expected to support the following Booster Club initiatives and programs that provide the funds for Booster Grants.

1)  Membership:

a) Encourage annual membership to the families in your program.  
b) Promote the Booster Club within your program by displaying these two flyers:  Booster Club Grant Recipient Sign and a Booster Club Flyer the classroom or program area students and families gather.   
c) Include a link to the Booster Club website on the program's website. 

2)  Logo-Wear Sales: programs accepting grants are expected to provide four (4) volunteers at one Logo-Wear sales event within one year of accepting granted funds.  The Logo-Wear Chair will reach out to grant recipients to select a mutually agreeable date. 

3) Concessions:  programs accepting grants are expected to provide volunteers to run one concessions event and are given priority on selecting events above other programs.   The Concessions Chair will reach out to grant recipients to select a mutually agreeable date. 


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