Issaquah High School Booster Club:  The Booster Club is a a 501c3 non-profit, fundraising organization that exists to support and enrich the extra-curricular high school experience for our kids while they attend Issaquah High School.  Parents, alumni, and the community are encouraged to join the Booster Club, donate, and volunteer. 

Booster dollars support: All donations go to promoting participation, events, recognition and grants.  Grants to sports/clubs/Activities, Sports Fee Scholarships for qualified hardships, Senior Scholarships valued at $1,000+, Scholar Athlete Awards, a platform for fundraising, BoosterBuzz weekly enews, "Another Eagle Goes to State" signs.   

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Booster Club Meetings 

YOU ARE INVITED to the Booster Board Meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, 6:30pm in the high school Library. Special Meeting of the Members are called when membership discussion and votes are needed.  Members are invited to attend all Board Meetings.  The Annual Membership Meeting is May 14, 2019.  Find meeting dates, agendas, minutes and much more under the "About Us" menu or by clicking here.     

2018-2019 Booster Calendar  



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2018 Senior Scholarship winners  

Congratulations to the five Booster Club $1000 Senior Scholarship winners!  to see their outstanding achievements. Click Here to see details on the winners and when applications are accepted for 2019. 

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Tutta Bella Scholar Athletes 

Our is proud to be able to honor those students that have been able to balance and excel at both their education and in athletics while attending Issaquah High School.  Last year, 2018-2019, the Booster Club awarded 16 Seniors as Scholar Athletes.  Coaches nominate players at the end of each season for this prestigious award.  Click Here to see award details and the impressive write-ups and pictures of previous recipients.

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Donate while you SHOP!

  • amazonsmile:  1.5% goes to the Booster Club!  Simply a great way to donate money to the IHS Booster Club simply by shopping! Shop for everyone on your gift list.  CLICK HERE and Amazon donates to Issaquah High School Booster Club
  • Issaquah Logo Wear!

Be 100% Issaquah in the super cool Logo Gear! Click "Logo Gear" under "Fundraising" to see all our great stuff.   Logo wear is sold at the home Football games, during each season's Sports Night for Parents & Players, and select basketball games.  Boosters also has a small selection of merchandise available at Superior Seconds in downtown Issaquah.  All items at Superior Second need to paid in cash or check made out to "Issaquah Booster Club".  

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2017-2018 Funds Granted to date

  • ASB/AD ~ $600 to allow an Athletic Trainer to continue through June with students.
  • Track ~  $2500 for Pole Vault "standards" - safety requirement
  • Football ~  $2300 to help fund 65 Sideline Capes, to be used by all three teams.  
  • Boys/Girls Golf ~ $247 toward a storage shed at the golf course for player golf bags.
  • iVision ~ $1500 toward the spring Chicago Trip.
  • Softball ~ $1140 for team jackets
  • DECA ~ $1600 for 20 additional blazers the Int'l Career Developement Conference 2018
  • ASB ~ $300 for TOLO promotion event (20 tickets).   
  • Robotics  ~ $3000 for competition transportation
  • Radio Class & Club ~ $585.35 for online broadcast subscription
  • Issaquah Aerospace Initiative ~ $650 for Rocket Parts
  • ASB Promotion event ~ $250 for 50 tix to promote attendance at Issq hosted Girls Kingco Playoff game
  • Boys Lacrosse ~ $1087.50 ~ sports fee scholarship assistance 
  • Girls Basketball - $2700 for tournament travel (revised 11-7/17)  Girls Basketball 3rd Coach stipend
  • Girls and Boys Soccer - $2538.96 for rolling shelter
  • Cross Country - $2700 for tournament travel
  • Funded $3,000 to the Athletic Department for Sports Fee Scholarships.


Last year, through the generosity of its 352 members and donors, and countless volunteers, the Booster Club provided more than $39,000 in student benefits.  Boosters have an impact on our school!       CLICK HERE for visual with pie chart

  • Awarded five (5) Senior Scholarships totaling $5,000   click here to view our amazing recipients
  • Recognized 16 Student Scholar Athletes    click here  to view our amazing recipients
  • Grants going to Regionals & National Competitions. ~ $8035
  • Scholar Athlete Awards & "Eagle Goes to State" recognitions ~ $1390
  • Sports and Club equipment ~ $6176
  • Grants for Trainers and Coaching support ~ $2700
  • Sports Fee Scholarships ~ $5087
  • All school spirit activities ~ $585


Booster Club Membership is critical for raising funds for all of our school clubs and teams.  Boosters is a major source of funding for these groups that would not be available without your support.  Members receive weekly Booster Buzz emails with timely information on what’s happening around school, and recognition on the Booster Website.  

Thru the generosity of our members, volunteers, donor and community the Booster Club organization has been able to give over $39,434 back to Issaquah High School clubs and teams this 2016-2017 school year. 

Annual Membership is $50.  Introduced this year is the Lifetime Membership for $500. Perfect for families wanting to support the Booster Club in a larger way and would prefer to only donate once during the duration of their kids high school experience. Lifetime Members will be recognized on the website in perpetuity and receive a special Issaquah High School “I” decal every year they have a student attending Issaquah High School.

Membership and donations are 100% tax deductible.  


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  • Stop Action Photography  ~ Thank you to Don Borin of Stop Action Photography who has given back since 2003, donating 20% of all Issaquah High School athletes and events orders to the Booster Club! Compile portfolios of individual athletes by using face detection software, at no additional cost. Support the Boosters by supporting Stop Action Photography! Stop Action Photography 

   Please CLICK HERE with question and interest in supporting the IHS Booster Club by becoming a sponsor? 

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We got photos! 

  • SMILE! :)  Check out the awesome professional pictures every week on the  Booster FB page.  Thanks to VarsityViews and Stop Action Photography and many of our passionate parents for supplying these incredible moment.

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Get Involved!

The Issaquah Booster Club supports the extra-curricular student activities, clubs and sports at Issaquah High School.   We raise funds through our yearly membership drive, logo gear sales, and our BBQ events.  It's time to get involved to support the students at Issaquah High!  

How Can Parents participate?

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Nov 11
6:30a Booster Club Meeting
Booster Club Meeting

Tuesday, November 13
6:30a - 8:00p
6:30p Winter Sports Night for Players & Families
Winter Sports Night for Players & Families

Thursday, November 15
6:30p - 8:00p
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