Issaquah High School IHS FALL SPORTS REGISTRATION OPEN July 17th - August 18th  
DEADLINE August 15th(Football) and August 18th (all other sports): 
The High School Bookkeeper and Athletic Secretary will accept the required documents to complete the Athletic Registration process from August 9th-18th, during the hours of 8:00am-2pm.  All forms must be turned in NO LATER than Tuesday, August 15th for football, which starts on August 16th and Friday, August 18th for all other sports that start on August 21st.  Forms will NOT be accepted on Monday, August 21st. 
  • The Athletic Registration process for the 2017-2018 school year requires you to register online AND submit documents in person to the Bookkeeper and Athletic Secretary
  • Original physical along with other required registration documents are to be turned in to the bookkeeping and then athletic offices during the three main open athletic registration periods. 
  • Please make & keep extra copies of your student’s physicals!!
  • Parents will need extra physical copies for any students who plan on participating in any spring or summer type camps at the end of the school year!!   
  • For further fall sports registration information please visit Issaquah high School and click on the Athletic Registration link.

2017-2018 MEMBERSHIP opens July 1, 2017

The Booster Club is a a 501c3 non-profit, fundraising organization that supports and promotes the extra-curricular (outside the classroom) activities, sports and clubs that Issaquah High School.  All Memberships and Donations are 100% tax deductible.  

Boosters allows for parents and community the opportunity to engage with, support and fundraise on behalf of Issaquah High’s 94 school clubs and teams. 
100% of the general Booster Club membership donations go to support grants, scholarships, and recognition programs. Boosters strongly encourages every family that participates in extra-curricular activities at the high school to become a Booster Club Member.  
Members also have the option to give additionally to  club, activity or sport at Issaquah High School.  The designating giving balances for each activity are maintained separately from the general fund and 100% accessible by the program Advisory Committee chair and Coach/Advisory.  Examples of designating might be to Football, DECA, Cheer.  
• Give Directly to any Club, Activity, Sport can be made by Booster Club Members
• Athletic Advisory Committees: Information and listing of the team/program parent fundraising leaders.  
  • BoosterBuzz is a weekly Enewsletter that goes to all donors.  Donate today and stay informed!  Click Here to see a BoosterBuzz from May 2017.

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First BOOSTER CLUB meeting will be on Tuesday, September 12, 6:30pm  in the school library.  Meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of the month with only a few exceptions.  2017-2018 Calendar

2017-2018 Booster Board 

* President....Lida Buckner
* Exec VP....OPEN
* VP Fundraising (Logo Wear) ....Amy Morse 
* Co-VP of Membership (& Booster Crew Support)....Suzie Potter
* Co-VP of Membership (& Booster Crew Support)....Tammy Antezana
* Treasurer....Anissa Pascale 
* Co-Treasurer....OPEN
* Secretary....Kari Alexander


  Communications Chair....Kari Alexander 
  Marketing Chair....Jennifer Shields
  Social Media Chair....Kim Putney
  Logo Wear Chair....Amy Morse (& Julie Moseley ~ Superior Seconds liaison)
  Student Recognition Chair (Senior Scholarship & Athletic Awards)....Susan Zantello
  Another Eagle Goes to State Chair....Carmella Gellos

*Elected Positions by the Board

____________________________________________________                         _________________

Senior Scholarships Announced!

Congratulations to the four seniors chosen as the 2017 Issaquah High School Booster Club scholarship recipients. Each of these amazing students exemplifies the IHS Booster Club values as demonstrated by their character, integrity,and contributions while at Issaquah High. Thank you for being such remarkable influences while at Issaquah High School!  Click Here for pictures.

•  Cameron Dane Oen - Cameron will be attending Gonzaga University 
•  Samantha Sato - Samantha will be attending University of Washington 
•  Isabel Rose Ringo - Isabel will be attending University of San Francisco 
•  Addie Mejia - Addie will be attending Missouri Valley College

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 Tutta Bella Scholar Athletes

Congratulations to the outstanding students that have been awarded 2016-2017 Fall Tutta Bella Scholar Athletes!  Click Here to see write-ups on each Athlete.  Spring Athletes will be announce in May.  

FALL Athletes WINTER Athletes SPRING Athletes
Brendon Fetsch
Abigail Paxton
Kunaai Sikka
Sarah Baker
Will Miller
Halle Wolgamott
Max Eastern 
Dean Pearson
Trey Gevers 


Your Donation Dollars at work...

The Booster Club is proud to announce the following grants awarded during this school year so far:

  • May:  Football $4,534.54 for 15 new helmets
  • May:  Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) $2,100 to help offset the costs of 10 students attending National Competition in Anaheim, CA.   
  • April:  $3,250 to iVision Club to offset the cost of for 18 students to participate in a trip to Boston, MA this April.  
  • March: $800 to the Gymnastics team to offset the cost to send 2 qualifying gymnasts to National Competition in Florida.  
  • March: $10,0000 to DECA to offset the cost to send 31 qualifiers to attend the International Competition in California.
  • March: $2000 to ASB for Spring Sports Scholarships ~ funds to help those hardship students that can not afford the Athletic Fee.
  • January: $2000 to Issaquah High Radio Station - music licensing 
  • December: $2000 to Dance to help offset costs to attend the National Competition in California
  • December: $6000 for Baseball & Softball programs for indoor retractable  batting cages.  Thank you to ASB for also funding $1500 toward the project
  • December: $2000 to boys Basketball for Varsity Travel suits
  • September:  $2000 to ASB for Fall Sports Scholarships ~ funds to help those hardship students that can not afford the Athletic Fee.
Thank you to our 333 members.  Your support allows the Booster Club the opportunity to fund grants request made by any non-curricular program (Arts, Clubs, Sports)  at Issaquah High School. 


2016-2017 total Impact

Last year, through the generosity of its 350 members and donors, and countless volunteers, the Booster Club provided $34,512 in student benefits.  Boosters have an impact on our school!

  • Awarded four Senior Scholarships totaling $5,000
  • Recognized ____ Student Scholar Athletes
  • Sponsored grants for Dance, Boys Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Issq HS Radio Station, Football, Gymnastics, DECA, Future Business Leaders of America.
  • Funded $3,000 to the Athletic Department for Sports Fee Scholarships.
  • Provided “Another Eagle Goes to State” personalized signs for students qualifying for State competitions
  • Promoted Eagle Spirit through the sale of Issaquah High School logo wear


Booster Club Membership is critical for raising funds for all of our school clubs and teams.  Boosters is a major source of funding for these groups that would not be available without your support.  Members receive weekly Booster Buzz emails with timely information on what’s happening around school, and recognition on the Booster Website.  

Thru the generosity of our members, volunteers, donor and community the Booster Club organization has been able to give over $39,434 back to Issaquah High School clubs and teams this 2016-2017 school year. 

Annual Membership is $50.  Introduced this year is the Lifetime Membership for $500. Perfect for families wanting to support the Booster Club in a larger way and would prefer to only donate once during the duration of their kids high school experience. Lifetime Members will be recognized on the website in perpetuity and receive a special Issaquah High School “I” decal every year they have a student attending Issaquah High School.

Membership and donations are 100% tax deductible.  


LOGO Gear!

Be 100% Issaquah in the super cool Logo Gear!  CLICK HERE to check it all out.  

We have a small selection of items available at Superior Seconds in downtown Issaquah, or you can email Krista Ferguson at  to request a time to connect.



  • Purple Trail ~ Welcome new sponsor, Purple Trail! Thank you to locally owned, Issaquah High School family for offering our Booster Club Members and Booster Club such a generous partnership. Located next to Vetsmart in Issaquah
    • 10% Off of any custom made products purchase in store or on the website (all of the items that we make and customize).  Coupon Code for Members Only.  Click Here to request code.  (discount does not apply to general retail)
    • 20% Donation of all sales using the coupon code will go back to the Booster Club each month.

  • Stop Action Photography  ~ Thank you to Don Borin of Stop Action Photography who has given back since 2003, donating 20% of all Issaquah High School athletes and events orders to the Booster Club! Compile portfolios of individual athletes by using face detection software, at no additional cost. Support the Boosters by supporting Stop Action Photography! Stop Action Photography 

   Please CLICK HERE with question and interest in supporting the IHS Booster Club by becoming a sponsor? 


We got photos! 

  • SMILE! :)  Check out the awesome professional pictures every week on the  Booster FB page.  Thanks to VarsityViews and Stop Action Photography and many of our passionate parents for supplying these incredible moment.

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Get Involved!

The Issaquah Booster Club supports the extra-curricular student activities, clubs and sports at Issaquah High School.   We raise funds through our yearly membership drive, logo gear sales, and our BBQ events.  It's time to get involved to support the students at Issaquah High!  

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