Welcome to Issaquah HS's Clubs and Activities!
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ASB Advisor:  Erin Connolly 

Clubs Reminders  
Be sure to sign up for the Clubs Fair that will take place on November 6th during both lunches.  Sign up here!
Clubs and Activities List
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    • Your student is interested in starting a new club
    • For a list of all Clubs and Activities, with advisors
    • Interest in requesting funding from ASB

Please contact the ASB Activity Coordinator, Erin Connolly, if you have any questions.

Please be sure to check the advisor to confirm accuracy of meeting time, dates and location!



Clubs and Activities Overview

Issaquah High School has a rich culture of student Clubs and Activities that engage a diverse mix of students in a variety of ways. These include groups based on unique student interests, recreation, art, relationships, community service, STEM, music, theater, and much more. More than 95% of Issaquah High School students feel that these groups provide chances for involvement in school activities, and most students participate in at least one group throughout their high school experience (Healthy Youth Survey, 2012).

Different from Athletics, Clubs and Activities are primarily student run and facilitated. While Activities have staff advisors who lead and support groups of student officers and other group members, most Clubs are entirely student led. Additionally, Clubs oftentimes rely on volunteer staff advisors who supervise meetings and support students in pursuing club objectives. Several Activities also have a curricular component where the group meets for a period during the school day in addition to their extracurricular meetings. Therefore, Activities often require applications, auditions, interviews, or tryouts for placement into group/team/class. Clubs, on the other hand, are open to all students.

For more information please download the "Clubs Handbook".