Individual Awards & Recognition


KingCo, State, WIAA Awards, and National Awards as reported by Coaches



Wyatt Bevill State Qualifier
Julia David-Smith State Qualifier
Katie Riley State Qualifier
Emma Jordan State Qualifier
Jenna Heeksacker State Qualifier
Darwin Hanson State Qualifier
Mara Nowlan State Qualifier
Ella McKelop State Qualifier
Allen Aby State Qualifier
Sam Griffin State Qualifier
Barry Diedericks State Qualifier
Jasper Fuhs State Qualifier
Sam Rosenkranz State Qualifier
Alex Darragh State Qualifier
Jerry Imai-Takemura State Qualifier



Karina Chao
1st Team All-Kingco Singles
Priscilla Tran and Jeannie Jeon
2nd Team All-Kingco Doubles
Priscilla Tran and Colleen Ball
2nd Team All-Kingco Doubles
Emily Kim
Honorable mention All-Kingco Singles
Colleen Ball
Honorable mention All-Kingco Singles
Karen Juhn and Anna Jo
Honorable Mention All-Kingco Doubles
Lasya Neti and Caroline Pickering
Honorable Mention All-Kingco Doubles
2nd in KingCo - State Competitors
Jared Jongejan (Sr)
1st Team All-Kingco Pitcher
Conner Chan (Sr)
1st Team All-Kingco Outfielder
Justin Buckner (Sr)
2nd Team All-Kingco Pitcher
Mack Mahovlich (Sr)
2nd Team All-Kingco Catcher
Andy Salvador (Sr)
2nd Team All-Kingco 2nd Base
Lucas Senator (Jr)
Honorable Mention All-Kingco Outfield
Tyler Reese (So)
Honorable Mention All-Kingco Shortstop
Derek Gellos (So)
Honorable Mention All-Kingco Utility
Torin Crocket (Sr)
Honorable Mention All-Kingco Pitcher
Athena Benjamin 1st Team All-Kingco Utility
Kendall Gentzen 2nd Team All-Kingco Outfield
Emma Huryn Honorable Mention All-Kingco
Kelly Hruza Honorable Mention All-Kingco
Jeemin Nam 1st Team All-Kingco
Megan Raman 1st Team All-Kingco
Shannon Lincoln Honorable Mention All-Kingco
Joey Underwood 1st Team All-Kingco
Jacob Barsher 1st Team All-Kingco
Josh Lee 1st Team All-Kingco
Toring Dye 1st Team All-Kingco
Grant Williams 1st Team All-Kingco
Gavin Herman 2nd Team All-Kingco
Taiga Crenshaw 2nd Team All-Kingco
Adrian Vanoni Honorable Mention All-Kingco
Charlie Butler Honorable Mention All-Kingco
Dawson Oen Honorable Mention All-Kingco
Nick Jun Honorable Mention All-Kingco
Joey Underwood Offensive MVP
Toring Dye Defensive MVP
Sami Corman 4A STATE Champion & PR
Joey Jensen 4A STATE Champion & PR
Shot Put
Elise Burdette KingCo Champion
400m & 200m
Elise Burdette District Champion
Elise Burdette State Qualifier
200m, 400m, 4x400 Relay
Joey Jensen KingCo Champion
Shot Put & Discus
Joey Jensen District Champion
Shot Put & Discus
Joey Jensen State Qualifier
Shot Put & Discus
Julia David Smith KingCo Champion
1600m & 3200m
Julia David Smith District Champion
Julia David Smith State Qualifier
1600m, 3200m & 4x400m Relay
Luke George
KingCo Champion
800m & 1600m
Luke George
District Champion
800m & 1600m
Luke George
State Qualifier
800m & 1600m
Sami Corman  KingCo Champion
Sami Corman  District Champion
800m & 1600m
Sami Corman  State Qualifier
800m, 1600m & 4x400m Relay
Mackenzie Crandall, Julia David Smith, Sami Corman, Elise Burdette District Champions - Girls
1600m relay
Dil Thiagarajan, Barry Diedricks, Jasper Fuhs, Garrett White, Nick Rodgers State Qualifiers - Boys
4x400m Relay
Katie Riley, Emma Jordan, Mackenzie Crandall State Qualifiers - Girls
4x400m Relay
GYMNASTICS Team WIAA Outstanding Academic team (90% of Team GPA above 3.5)
Coach Ryan Fleisher Kingco Coach of the Year
Team 4th Place Kingco standings
Leah Kratochvil State qualifyer
Daniela Moretsky State qualifier
Caroline Freer State qualifier
Kensington Wall State qualifier
Isobel Grudin State qualifier
Mariah Van Halm (Sr) WIAA Athlete of the Week (2x)
Tom Bunnell (Coach) Star Times All-Area Team
Claudia Longo (Mid) Star Times All-Area Team
Mariah Van Halm (Fwd) Star Times All-Area Team
Mariah Van Halm (Fwd) 1st Team  4A All State
Tom Bunnell (Coach) 4A State Coach of the Year
Claudia Longo (Mid) 1st Team  4A All State
Kate Wilkinson (Def) 1st Team  4A All State
Sean Eaton (Def) 1st Team  4A All State
Catey Nelson 1st Team  4A All State
Tom Bunnell (Coach) United (States) Soccer Coaches Award: All Region Coach of the Year
Mariah Van Halm (Fwd) United Soccer Coaches Award: All Region
Claudia Longo (Mid) United Soccer Coaches Award: All Region
Catey Nelson United Soccer Coaches Award: All Region
Tom Bunnell (Coach) United Soccer Coaches Award: Northwest Region (WA,OR,ID,MT,MINN) Coach of the Year
Mariah Van Halm (Fwd) United Soccer Coaches Award:  ALL AMERICAN
Claudia Longo (Mid) United Soccer Coaches Award: HS All American Game (Orlando)
Mariah Van Halm (Fwd) United Soccer Coaches Award: HS All American Game (Orlando)
Max Dahlquist (Sr) Tight End 1st Team  
Max Dahlquist (Sr) Defensive End 2nd Team  
Kaleb Solusod (Sr) Punter 1st Team  
Devin Piquet-Charles (Sr) Kick Returner 1st Team  
Nick Dahlquist (Sr) Offensive Tackle Honorable Mention  
Glen Findlay (Sr) Defensive End Honorable Mention
Jade Griffiths (Sr) inside Linebacker  
Gaue Gunter (So) Safety  
Patrick Nam Coach the Year!  
Lucas Pastor 1st Team  
Charlie Suh 2nd Team  
Kobe Sarausad 2nd Team  
Richard Jia 2nd Team  
CROSS COUNTRY (Girls placed 3rd State, Boys 6th State)
Luke George 1st Team
Sam Griffith 1st Team
Julie David-Smith 1st Team
Sam Griffith 1st Team
Kenna Clawson 1st Team
Andie Kolasinski 1st Team
Lauren Haas 2nd Team
Jenna Heesacker 2nd Team
Sophia Cancelosi 2nd Team  
Kira Grebinsky 2nd Team  
Isabelle Huynh 2nd Team  
Katie Ueda 2nd Team  
Allyssa Helgesen Honorable Mention
BOYS SWIM / DIVE 5th Place in WS 4A State Championships
Laura Halter WISCA 4A Coach of the Year
Boys Swim/Dive 5th Place in WS 4A State Championships
Kyle Millis State record 100 Backstroke, All American Automatic time
Kyle Millis, Black Ueda, Chris Leu, Brandon Leu Medley Relay:  All- American consideration, state champions and state record holders
Brendon Leu 1st Team All-Kingco
Kyle Millis 1st Team All-Kingco
Blake Ueda 2nd Team All-Kingco
Jake Tebbe 2nd Team All-Kingco
Chris Leu 2nd Team All-Kingco



 Football 2016

Drew Feldman OLB 1st Team
Isaac Chai (Sr) Kicker Honorable Mention
Jack Hinchcliffe (Sr) Outside Linebacker Honorable Mention
Joe Nelson Reciever Honorable Mention
Dean Pearson Offensive Tackle Honorable Mention

Swim/Dive 2017

Aksen Hansen Scholar Athletes
Jun Kang Scholar Athletes
Mitchell Keller Scholar Athletes
Chris Park Scholar Athletes
Will Crewe 1st Team
Brandon Leu 1st Team
Chris Leu 1st Team
Kyle Millis 1st Team
Trey Gevers 2nd Team
Miles Wheeler (Jr) Honorable Mention

Softball 2017

Morgan Bevell Catcher 1st Team

Girls Soccer 2016

Mariah Van Halm (Sr) WIAA Athlete of the Week (6)
Nerea Arrozola (Jr) GK 1st Team
Kirstie Johnson (Jr) DEF 1st Team
Sean Eaton (Jr) DEF 1st Team
Zoe Burns (Fr) MID 1st Team
Mariah Van Halm (Jr) FWD 1st Team
Kaylene Pang (Sr) DEF 2nd Team
Catey Nelson (Jr) MID 2nd Team
Siarfo Abekah (Jr) FWD 2nd Team
Alina Ruzika (Jr) FWD Honorary Mentions
Katie Sanders (So) DEF Honorary Mentions
Tori Wheeler (So) FWD Honorary Mentions
Kate Wilkinson (So) MID Honorary Mentions
Mariah Van Halm (Jr) Offensive Co-Player of the Year
Sean Eaton (Jr) Defensice Co-Player of the Year

Boys Basketball 2017

Tanner Davis MVP
Bijon Sidhu Honorable Mention
Jackson Suh Honorable Mention

Girls Basketball 2017

Lucy Stewart 1st Team
Mariah Van Halm Honorable Mention
Maya Witherspoon Honorable Mention

Baseball 2017  -  1st in KINGCO, State Competitors

Rob Reese Coach of the Year!
Corey Chaplin (Sr) Second Base 1st Team
Mack Mahovlich (Jr) Utlility 1st Team
Bryant Hyun (Sr) Outfield 1st Team
Drew Feldman (Sr) First Base 2nd Team
Kyle Rodriquez (Sr) Shortstop 2nd Team
Griffin Morimoto (Sr) Outfield 2nd Team
Justin Buckner (Jr) Pitcher 2nd Team
Jared Jongejan(Jr) Honorary Mentions
Shane Thomas (Sr) Honorary Mentions

Girls Golf 2017

Jeemin Nam  1st Team
Meg Raman 2nd Team


Swim/Dive 2016
Laura Halter Coach of the Year
Jeni Matsuda 1st Team
Belle Battistoni 1st Team
Isabelle Hyunh 1st Team
Kira Grebinsky 1st Team
Natalie Sun  1st Team
Alyssa Helgesen 1st Team
Boys Tennis 2016
Derek Cheo Most Valuable Player 1st Team
Kobe Sarausad Singles 2nd Team
Aksel Hansen Honorable Mention
Richard Jia Honorable Mention
JunYong Jung Honorable Mention

Volleyball 2016

Liz Gorski (So) OH 1st Team
Annika Melgard (Sr) OH 1st Team
Sarak Baker (Sr) S 2nd Team
Claire Siefkes (Jr) L 2nd Team
Zoe Hennings Honorable Mention
Claire Kaill Honorable Mention
Boys Basketball 2016
Jason Griffith Coach of the Year
Ty Gibson League MVP 1st Team
Trevon Ary-Turner MVP 1st Team
Jason Crandall MVP 2nd Team
Scott Kellum Honorable Mention
Tanner Davis Honorable Mention
Girls Basketball 2016
Lauren Longo Honorable Mention
Nicole Victory Honorable Mention

Softball 2016

Moran Bevell  Catcher 1st Team
Tatum Dow Shortstop 2nd Team
Athena Benjamin Honorable Mention
Sydney Schultz Honorable Mention
Justi Johnson Honorable Mention 

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