Booster Funding Process 2016-2017

  • Request process begins with ASB and/or the IHS Athletic Department. Boosters will consider requests that have first pursued funds through the District, School and/or ASB.
  • Complete the IHS Booster Funds Request Form found on the Boosters website under Fundraising/Funding, then email to the Booster Presidents (Kari Alexander)
  • Boosters meet monthly, typically the first Monday of the month, to review and discuss the requests submitted. The booster website has the calendar of actual meeting dates, time and location.
  • Advisors/Coaches/Student Leaders are welcome to come to present their request in person and answer questions from Club Members, however, we must have a copy of the request prior to the meeting.
  • The Booster Club will make a determination on how to proceed with each request by either tabling, approving or denying the request.
  • The Boosters will notify the Club, Sport or Activity of the final resolution of the Booster Members. Factors Considered when Evaluating Funding Requests
    1. Duration of the grant/purchase from the date of purchase. Does the item purchased benefit the team for more than one year?
    2. Does this request directly meet the needs of this sport/club/activity? Does it support the mission of the school and the booster club?
    3. How many students will be impacted?
    4. What is the total cost of the request?
    5. Has Boosters supported this group recently? If so, how much was that request? What is the total amount of Booster funds granted for this group through recent years? Click Here for Booster Funding over the last 5 years.
    6. What is the overall impact on this club/sport/activity if this request is approved?
    7. Does this group have a Booster Crew Liaison / Representative? Is your parent group aware of the financial support the Booster Club can provide for extra-curricular programs at Issaquah High School and that you are applying for a grant?  
    8. Has this group done any fundraising?
    9. What is the alternate option if this grant is not approved?
    10. Does this request fall into the category of providing financial assistance to those who might not be able to otherwise participate? If so, what other funding or fundraising avenues have they pursued prior to the Booster fund request?
    11. Was this request denied by the District or ASB? If so, why?



Booster Club Mission and Purpose

The Booster Club is a parent, alumni and community non-profit organization that supports and promotes all extra-curricular (outside the classroom) activities, sports and clubs at Issaquah High School. The purpose of the Booster Club is:

  1. To engage in fundraising activities in support of the Booster Club, and any other activities of Issaquah High School that the Booster Club believes is appropriate;
  2. To help promote a positive image of Issaquah High School athletics, activities and clubs in the community; and (c) To support any school athletic programs, activities or clubs that the Booster Club believes is deserving.
Issaquah Booster Club Goals
  • Raise funds to support all extra curricular activities at IHS
  • Increase school and community awareness of the Booster Club Mission, Purpose and Accomplishments
  • Celebrate the club/sport accomplishments!
  • Help publicize events using newspaper, e-news, Vision and through: