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  • MY ACCOUNT See account contact information and purchase history for the current school year, starting July 1.  Any tax deductible contributions through the Booster Club website will be noted under Orders.  Click View to see details. Issaquah Booster Club is a 501c3 nonprofit, #91-1099559  
  • Members who want to OPT-IN,
    • click My Account above, then [edit] next to each contact that you would like to add opting in to electronic communication.  You will see an Opt-In box at the bottom of your contact information page.  
  •  WHY OPT-IN?
      • Opting-In to electronic communications will allow you to get membership meeting notices, the ability to vote electronically for elections, and receive the very popular BoosterBuzz.   
      • Opting-In means that you consents to receipt of electronic notification of regular and special meetings of the Booster Club at the email address you provided. If the Booster Club is unable to electronically transmit 2 consecutive emails then your consent is revoked.  You understand that such notice is effective when it has been transmitted to the email address you provided or when you have received notice of posting on the Booster Club's web site.
      • You can Opt-Out of electronic communication at anytime through your account.